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Online Poker Guides in the Philippines

Online poker has gained tremendous popularity among Filipino gamblers, transitioning from physical casinos to the digital world. The Philippines not only hosts international poker events but also offers various offshore platforms for legal play. This guide will help you navigate the Philippine online poker scene, ensuring you are informed about legal aspects, tax implications, and platform options.

Poker Guides

Exploring Online Poker Venues in Manila

Manila is the hub of gambling in the Philippines, hosting major events like the Asian Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) and the Asian Poker Tour (APT). These events attract a mix of local and international players, adding to the city’s reputation as a significant poker destination. If you’re new to the game, acquainting yourself with the rules and reliable platforms is essential.

Selecting Premium Poker Platforms in the Philippines

The right platform can significantly impact your online poker experience. Below are some top-rated options:

  • Bovada
    • Popularity: Well-known among American and Filipino players.
    • Features: Offers real-money games and various welcome bonuses.
    • Payment Options: Accepts Bitcoin and altcoin.
  • BetOnline
    • Accessibility: Open to players from nearly all countries.
    • Features: Mobile-compatible and includes additional game options like Windfall tournaments.
    • Payment Options: Accepts digital currencies and traditional methods.
  • Ignition Poker
    • Game Selection: Offers a wide variety of games, including Pot-Limit Omaha and Texas Hold’em.
    • Features: Anonymous tables and cryptocurrency bonuses.
    • Payment Options: Similar to other platforms.
  • PokerStars
    • Reputation: A global leader in online poker.
    • Features: Known for a wide range of games and exciting tournaments.
    • Payment Options: Comprehensive, including a mobile app for real-money games.
  • ZingPlay
    • Unique Offering: Animated interface for a whimsical gaming experience.
    • Features: Free-cash games and daily promotions.
    • Payment Options: Standard options available.

Poker Variants and Payment Options

Variants: Most popular games include Hold’em and Omaha.

Formats: Available in Limit, Pot Limit, and No Limit.

Payment: Credit cards, digital wallets like Skrill and Neteller, and cryptocurrencies.

Legal and Tax Implications

Regulation: PAGCOR oversees land-based poker, but online poker resides in a legal gray area.

Taxation: Winnings below Php 10,000 are taxed at 10%, and those above Php 10,000 are taxed at 20%.


The Philippine online poker scene is a thriving ecosystem, offering a multitude of options for both recreational and serious players. While the legal landscape remains a bit unclear, the gaming experience is robust, featuring a variety of platforms and payment options.

Please note that the information in this guide is subject to change and should be verified for the most current details. Always remember to play responsibly and be aware of the legal and financial implications of online gambling.